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Aragane Station was one of the city strongholds in Hinomoto, governed by the Yomogawa family until its breach and fall to the Kabane at the beginning of the series.

The City[]

Aragane Station is enclosed by steel walls perched atop an extremely tall moat, with a drawbridge at the western and eastern ends of the city for train circulation. Inside the walls the city is built around a central hill where the Yomogawa castle complex sits, including farms, residential areas, steamshops and watchtowers to scout Kabane activity beyond the moat. The western gate was completely annihilated when the Fusoujou rammed into the drawbridge and whiplashed its cars over the wall, causing a tremendous explosion from the gate all the way into the streets of the city.



Ayame wished to reclaim the station from the Kabane and reopen it.