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TyA TyA 6 March 2020

Your New Wiki Manager

Hello everyone, I'm TyA and I'm your wiki's new Wiki Manager. My job involves helping your community be its very best and to serve as a liaison between the wiki and full time fandom staff. If you all ever need any help, such as with wiki bots, templates, or just anything, feel free to leave a message on my wall or message me on Discord (@ty#0768) and I'll do my best to assist you.

Please note that I don't take the place of the admins of this wiki! I'm just another means of support. :)

I'm looking forward to working with you all! [[User:TyA|]] 17:05, March 6, 2020 (UTC)

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MartaSenpai MartaSenpai 2 September 2017

Kabaneri Server

Hey, Kabaneri fans!

A Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Discord Fan Server was created by me, so we can talk about the anime and Kabaneri related stuff, meet more Kabaneri fans, and share news about the story and such. For now, the server is still pretty small (since I created it 1 month ago), but has people enough to have activity everyday. The ones interested in chatting with me and a few others, please use the link below to join the server. Enjoy your stay, and Rokkon Shojo! :D

P.S - We have Kabaneri emojis! ;)


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