The Bushi (武士 Bushi) is an organized group of individuals whom have been trained to fight against the Kabane. Their responsibility include the safeguarding and protection of the citizens sheltering in various stations and Hayajiro.

Methodology Edit

As protectors, the Bushi are sworn to protect their fellow citizens even at the cost of their own life. However due to Kabane outbreak, several members tend to grow paranoid and generally act out of fear whenever confronted by an unknown danger and as a result the Bushi are renown for using extreme and even deadly force whenever necessary. Individual members appear to hold themselves in high esteemed honor and tend to degrade those below them in terms of rank, most notably steam smiths. Their aggressive demeanor whenever provoked appears unsettling to many to which citizens try their best to avoid all confrontation with them.

Whenever a member has been bitten by the Kabane, no matter what the circumstance that member is expected to utilize a suicide bag in order to prevent the the infection from harming anyone else and to ultimately prove their honor and preserve their humanity.

Skills and Abilities Edit

The Bushi primarily act as a Militia force in rebelling against the Kabane threat and have been trained in fending off against them. In terms of equipment and weaponry, the Bushi primarily utilize steam guns which have proven largely ineffective against the Kabane. Other members utilize blades and spears and several have proven to be capable marksmen and warriors. 

Trivia Edit

  • The name ‘Bushi’ is a Japanese term for ‘samurai’ which is derived from the word ‘Bushido’ (武士道) which translates to ‘the way of the warrior’