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Enoku is an old man who used to be Biba's servant, specifically his "Ear".


He is an old man who has gray hair which stands straight up. He has lost an eye and left leg.


He is quite stoic and has a very strong sense of loyalty to Biba and his plans. His loyality goes so far as he would fight for Biba even in his current handicapped state.


Journey to Kongoukaku Arc[]

Enoku is first seen coming for food on Koutetsujou with Yashiro Station survivors. When Mumei saw him, she was surprised. He then muttered to Mumei when he walked past her to go outside for a private talk. It is then revealed that Enoku has at least met once a long time ago. He then reminded Mumei of her mission or she would be thrown away by Biba too.[1]

Shitori Station Arc[]

He arrives at Shitori Station with Koutetsujou and forms some alliances with other people wanting Biba Amatori dead. When Biba arrives and causes a Kabane attack, while killing the Kabane, Enoku appears behind Biba telling him he can still serve him, but Biba kills him as he had seen through his betrayal.


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