Never-Ending Darkness (明けぬ夜, Akenu Yoru) is the second episode of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.


The episode started with Takumi rushed to Ikoma house to bring him to the Koutestsujou. Therefore, he found out that Ikoma has managed to kill a Kabane using his nail gun and that Ikoma was biten. The scenes then changed to Ayame 's place where she was told to wait for her father. Mumei then appeared saying that Ayame should get the people to safety while would open a way for them. Mumei then killed all of the Kabane surrounding there. Scenes changed to Ikoma who was talking about what would happen if his Nail gun is mass produced. Takumi then put a red cloak over Ikoma to hide his bite mark.

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  • Originally Episode 2 was supposed to air on April 15th, but due to an earthquake in Japan, the episode was deleyed 1 week and instead an earthquake coverage program was aired.



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