Flowing Blood (流る血潮, Nagaru Chishio) is the fourth episode of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.


Tension between the human and Kabaneri was grewing again as Mumei killed a pregnant kabane thought to be human, as the same time, Ayame was pinned down by Ikoma and was about to bite her when Kurusu arrived and pushed him off. Mumei arrived and warned them of the approaching kabane. The six chief has taken over the Koutetsujou and decided to head to the mountains. In the boiler room Ikoma and Mumei has gotten weaker due to the lack of blood to control their body and they reunite with Takumi and Kajika. They were ambushed by kabane due to high surroundings and among them was a wazatori. The bushi, together with Ayame, went to fight the kabane at the back while Ikoma decided to go through the top. They struggled against the Wazatori until Ikoma came in. Ayame forms a contract with Ikoma for her blood in exchange that he will fight for them. Ikoma accepts and he pierced the Wazatori's heart with his Tsuranuki Zutsu. Ayame regained control of the Koutetsujou and volunteered to offer her blood to Ikoma and Mumei along with Takumi, Kurusu and the others.





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