Gathering Light (集う光, Tsudou Hikari) is the sixth episode of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.


Ikoma tried to help get Mumei out of the debris while Mumei keep saying about the weak and the strong. But their was attacked by a group of Kabane so Ikoma went out and attacked them. Meanwhile, in the Koutetsujou, The Six Chiefs was discussing with Ayame about what to do. They has then decided to go back to get the Type 48 Cannon and the two Kabaneri. Mumei then explained what a Fused Colony is and how to defeat it. She volunteered to shot it's heart. Ikoma and the bushi then kept the other Kabanes busy for Takumi to have a clear shot at the Fused Colony's chest so that Mumei could finished it.





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