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Hatsune (初音, Hatsune) is a character mentioned in Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress, and is the younger sister of Ikoma. Originally she lived peacefully alongside her brother in a station, however she was later killed in the past during a Kabane attack, Hatsune's death motivated Ikoma's desire to exterminate the Kabane from existence.


Hatsune has a long brown hair. In Ikoma's flashbacks it is shown that she ties her hair into ponytail using a ribbon. She wears a traditional brown kimono prior to her death.


Although not much of Hatsune's personality is known, (through flashbacks) she was shown to be a cheerful and sweet-natured young girl who loved her elder brother dearly. She appeared to believe in good fortune as upon finding a turquoise pebble, she insisted that both her and Ikoma should keep one each as ‘good luck charms'.


Hatsune was born in Hinomoto, where she grew up alongside her loving brother Ikoma. One day, the siblings found a pair of turquoise rocks located near a lake, Ikoma initially offered her to have both of them, however, Hatsune insisted that they both kept one each as ‘good luck charms'.

Hinomoto was later attacked by Kabane and Hatsune got caught and bitten. In fear Ikoma ran leaving Hatsune behind. As he couldn't find any help, he returns later to find Hatsune had started to turn into Kabane. He then uses Suicide Bag on her, promising her that he will take revenge on the Kabanes.


  • The name Hatsune consists of (初 hatsu) meaning 'first' as well as (音 ne) meaning 'sound'.
  • It is mentioned by Takumi that Ikoma sees Hatsune in Mumei, which is why Ikoma is eager to protect Mumei no matter what happens.