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Hinomoto (日ノ本, Hinomoto) is an island country located on the east of the Eurasian continent. It is infested with Kabane, and as a result the only human safe havens are in heavily fortified stations that service and supply the Hayajiros that are used for trade and transportation.


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The name Hinomoto was decided by the Bakufu ( also known as the Shogunate outside of Japan) which itself was created by the Daimyos of the west as a result of their war with Daimyos from the east in what known as the Sengoku Period (a war which they apparently won). In the years after the war the nation has been in a state of calm and peace, with the Bakufu establishing strong ties with other foreign nations, A practice that has resulted in many technological advancements like steam guns and numerous locomotive technologies.[1]

Twenty years ago the Shogun ordered the nationwide fortification of strategic facilities in response to the news of Kabane outbreaks in the Occident. As a result, these "deemed crucial" facilities became what known as "Eki" or "stations" in the english translation. After the Kabane virus reached Kyuushuu, these stations were able to hold on their own as a result of sharing their agricultural products via transportation, namely the monstrous steam-belching locomotives known as Hayajiro.

These stations eventually became the only safe havens in Hinomoto with a railroad system as the only means of transportation. However as the Hayajiro themselves are under the Bakufu's control, no one dares to go against them.[2]


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  • Hinomoto is an archaic term for Japan.