Koutetsujou no Kabaneri -Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Wikia

Horobi (滅火) is a Kabaneri who is in the highly renown Hunters group.

Initial appearance[]

Horobi has blond hair that is tied back into a small ponytail as well as two orange hair extensions that attach to the front of her hair. Horobi also wears a neck-scarf-like object that seems to have a "strikeout" on the front part of it. It is also notable that her clothes are similar to Mumei's. It also been noted that there is one blue ribbon on both her hands.

Secondary appearance[]

Horobi, retaining her Kabaneri look, has her skin grayed out up to her neck (protected by artificial restraints to attempt to keep the virus from reaching her head). Grey appendages are found around mostly her entire body.

Third appearance and massacre analysis[]

After the destruction of a station wall, the Artificial Hybrid Colony falls apart and restraints around Horobi snap, causing the virus to reach her head and take control. Her skin looks a dusty red as apposed to the grey and cracked-looking skin that Kabane have. Horobi retains her speed and agility in this form and obtains a power that allows her to send an explosion in whichever way she faces; this is only used once. In terms of similarities, Horobi attacks other humans using her one-blade claw (original use was to control the arms of the Hybrid Colony) and inhales/exhales very deeply to the point where it can be considered wheezing. At the end of her rampage as she is about to impale/stab Biba, it is shown that she still has some of her human mind left as she stops short from crushing his face, and offers a smile.


Horobi is a female member of the Hunters and a loyal subordinate of Biba Amatori.


Horobi is sharp and relatively agile. Her loyalty lies with Biba and will go to any length, including accepting an injection which would allow her to form and control a Hybrid Colony. Biba's formula was not perfect and therefore the restraints did not hold the virus off from reaching Horobi's head after the colony broke down.


There is no background information given for Horobi. As Horobi is a Kabaneri, it is only natural to assume that she was also transformed using the same injection Mumei received.

Rampage and death[]

Once the virus reached Horobi's head, she began a rampage on hunters in the area and stopped short from using her claw to impale Biba. She took a moment, offered him a smile, then was stabbed. Biba offered no emotion - he stood still as a pillar, with only a bead of sweat dropping down his cheek, and then stabbed and removed the blade from Horobi's heart.


  • The two kanji for her name mean "destruction" and "fire" respectively.