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Kageyuki (影雪, Kageyuki) is the main antagonist of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato. Originally, the erstwhile lord of Unato Station who lived peacefully alongside his young daughter Miyuki.

Five years ago, during the Battle of Unato, Kageyuki defended his station against the Kabane where he was bitten, although instead of succumbing to the virus, he miraculously turned into a Kabaneri. He was surrounded by the Bushi who believed he had become a Kabane and prepared to shoot him, only for Miyuki to be mistakenly killed. Enraged, Kageyuki brutally slaughtered the remaining soldiers.

Unable to cope with the loss of his daughter, Kageyuki bit her in order to preserve her life. This resulted in Miyuki transforming into a Nue, formed around Unato castle, which he then dedicated the rest of his life towards protecting.


Human Form[]

Kageyuki is a tall man of slender build. He has a thin face of pale complexion with scarlet red eyes. He has long black shoulder-length hair with two large bangs hanging from both sides of his head and a thinner one dangling in-between. 

He wears a military uniform which consists of an Indian red over-garment, a Reseda green long-collared undercoat, grey trousers, a brown belt along with black bracers and boots.

Kabaneri Form[]

After he transforms into a Kabaneri, Kageyuki's hair turns white and his skin turns an ashy color.




  • The name "Kageyuki" means "shadow snow".
  • Kageyuki is the third male Kabaneri to appear in the series, the first being Ikoma and the second being Biba Amatori.