Kageyuki (影雪, Kageyuki) is the main antagonist of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato. Originally a soldier garrisoned at Unato station to defend against a wave of the Kabane. Tragically during the battle, he was bitten and through mysterious circumstances was transformed into a Kabaneri, five years ago.

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Kageyuki is a tall man of slender build. He has a thin face of pale complexion with scarlet red eyes. He has long black shoulder-length hair with two large bangs hanging from both sides of his head with a thinner one dangling in-between. 

He wears a military uniform which consists of an Indian red over-garment, a Reseda green long-collared undercoat, grey trousers, a brown belt along with black bracers and boots.

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  • The name "Kageyuki" means "shadow snow".
  • Kageyuki is the third male Kabaneri to appear in the series. The first being Ikoma and the second being Biba Amatori.