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Kenshou Yomogawa (四方川 堅将,Yomogawa Kenshō) was the lord of Aragane Station.




Kenshou Yomogawa, father and head of the Yomogawa family which governs Aragane Station, had a minor influence within the plot. After Aragane Station was breached due to a hyajiro which suffered a major Kabane attack had gone full speed and rammed into the semi-closed bridge, Kenshou Yomogawa traveled to secure another station and give a signal if he and the group arrived safely. After Kenshou had not returned for a while, survivors of Aragane Station boarded Kotetsujou on their way to the next safest station. It is later revealed that Kenshou did not make it to the next station and had been bitten. He was run over by the Kotetsujou on full speed, and caused a gear shaft jam in both episode 2 and 6.




  • Possibly the crushed body that jammed the Koutetsujou, preventing it from running.
  • In episode 6, after the first jamming incident, it is speculated that a piece of his corpse after being run over jammed a gear shaft which prevented the Kotetsujou from accelerating.