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Shino (信乃, Shino) was a young pregnant woman from the Aragane Station. She rode on the Koutetsujou, but one night turned to Kabane.




Journey to Kongoukaku Arc[]

Shino becoming a Kabane

Shino was first seen on the Koutetsujou, sewing clothes when she was approached by Kajika, who secretly gave her two rations of food, due to Shino being pregnant. A bit later, she was attacked by a passager who saw that Shino got two rations of food, but he was interrupted by Mumei, who rushed the wagon after feeling the presence of a Kabane.[1]

Shino killed by Mumei

That same evening, the Koutetsujou stopped for repairs and so the people could pray for their loved lost ones. There, Shino stayed near the fire praying, but then felt her heart starting to turn into Kabane. At that point she expressed regret and apologized to her unborn child, as she knew she wouldn't be able to give birth to it. A bit later, she completely turned into a Kabane, walking around and scaring the people with her presence. Mumei quickly came, taking two swords from the bushi and stabbing Shino in the heart with them, killing her instantly.[2]

Shino was pregnant at the time of her death, consequently, her unborn child also died.



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