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Shitori Station is one of the strongholds in Hinomoto. The only things known about this station are where Ikoma exchanges the technology he created for food provisions and bamboo, since Tanabata a holiday has started. In addition, the Kokujou, another Hayajiro, makes it's first appearance in Shitori Station.


Shitori Station appears to be a small community. The small city is built around the small community, including Farms, Residential areas, a Railyard for the Hayajiro, and steamshops. At the moment, the only notable Railway tracks that runs through Shitori Station is a drawbridge that leads out to Yashiro Station, a branch siding, where the Koutetsujou sits in Episode 7, and a Tunnel, where the Kokujou first makes it's appearance. It is possible that the tunnel leads out to Kongoukaku, and other stations currently not known.