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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri -Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Wikia

The Six Chiefs (六頭領, Roku Touryou) are a council that advise the governor of Aragane Station. All the members are male and wear purple hoods to denote their position.


The Six Chiefs are shown scolding princess Ayame for letting Mumei and Ikoma stay on the Koutetsujou. Ayame seems to be shocked that the council still wants to throw the Kabaneri off the train even though they have saved them from certain death at Aragane Station. Later on one of the council members convinces the civilian passengers aboard the Koutetsujou that the Kabaneri are a threat that should be dealt with. Ayame defuses the situation when she try to stabs Ikoma who in turn does not defend himself and proclaims that he will will not harm humans even if it means his death. This seems to annoy the council member but does not convince him to trust the Kabaneri implying that the council still wishes them gone.

The Six Chiefs.

It is unknown if the lone council member acted on his own or if it was the group that sent him out to manipulate the passengers. After Ikoma loses control over himself and almost bites Ayame. The leader of the chiefs takes control of the Koutetsujou. Ayame gives him the Master key of the train granting full and complete power over it.

This proves to be a very bad decision since the fact that the leader of the six chiefs reroutes the train to the mountains gets the Koutetsujou ambushed. Also the fact that they tried to separate the last cart with the Kabaneri and their friends is the reason the Kabane are able to invade the train through the door that was left open. Two of the chiefs are slain during the ambush. The rest give back the command the Ayame after she seals the blood contract with Ikoma. They seem to still not trust the Kabaneri enough to offer their own blood. But do not deny or protest that the Kabaneri are a valuable asset to the defense of the Koutetsujou.


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