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Wazatori's appearance.

A Wazatori (ワザトリ) is a Kabane who has lived long enough to gain proficiency with a specific art or has had enough past experience from its time as a human to retain some or most of its muscle memory in its Kabane form.

The first Wazatori is introduced during the Journey to Kongōkaku Arc, where it boards the Kōtetsujō alongside a band of ambushing Kabane during the train's shortcut through the mountains. The Wazatori in question was adept enough at swordplay to match Kurusu blow for blow until being outpaced, but due to a slip by Kurusu and its iron heartcage he is able to shrug off a fatal blow, leaving his opponent wide open and wounding Kurusu badly in retaliation, only being put down by Ikoma in one shot using the Tsuranuki Zutsu.[1]

Yet another was met in Yashiro Station, this time experienced in hand to hand combat. Though it should be noted Mumei was weakened at the time of the fight, the Wazatori nevertheless managed to withstand her strength and initial attacks without a problem, once again only being put down by Ikoma's timely intervention.

The Wazatori that attacked Mumei


  • Like Kabane, Wazatori is written in Japanese with katakana in order to denote it as a loanword. Wazatori, unlike Kabane, is not a basic Japanese word, though Japanese viewers have taken to writing it with the kanji for "skill" (技) and "taken" (取り)
  • It has been translated as "learner" and "queer"


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